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Northern Medical Journal

Northern Medical Journal  is the medical journal published by the Teacher's Association of Rangpur Medical College twice in  each year in the months of March and September. The journal is run by a editorial board of professors, associate professors and assistant professors. Professor Nurul Absar of the department of paediatrics is the editorial chief of board. It is first published in 1990.

Editorial Board 

Chief Editor              :Professor Azizul Islam

Executive Editor     : Professor M Nurul Absar

Assistant Editor     : Professor Laique Ahmed Khan

                                   : Professor Syed AM Israrul Bari

                                   : Dr. Md. Shamsuzzaman

Members                 : Dr. Nawazesh Farid

                                  : Professor Zakir Hossain

                                 : Professor Afroza Bulbul

                                 : Dr. Ferdousi Sultana

                                 : Dr. Md. Noor Islam

                                 : Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman ( mujib7@gmail.com)

Past issue (only abstract available, for any full article email please)

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Information to Authors

Northern Medical Journal

Northern Medical Journal is the official organ of Teachers Association of Rangpur Medical College and is published twice in year in the month of March and September. It accepts research papers, case reports, review articles and short communications related to various branches of medical science in English.

Manuscripts:  Papers are accepted for publication with an understanding that they are submitted solely to the Northern Medical Journal and are subject to editorial revision. Editorial board reserves the right to style and if necessary shorten material for publication and to determine the priority and time of publication.Two copies of manuscript should be submitted to Editor-in-chief. Manuscript should be computer typed on one side of white good quality offset paper, with margins of at least 25mm and using double space throughout. Each of the following section should begin on separate pages: Title, Abstract, Indexing word, Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgment, References and Tables. Authors must submit a copy of manscript in CD or DVD.Text should be in MS word or PDF format. Pictures will be in JPEG format.

 Online Submission: Authors can also submit their manscript as MS word or PDF fornat to the follwing email address. Illustration must be in JPEG format.

Email: editornmj@gmail.com or mujib7@gmail.com

Title Page: The title page should include (i) Complete title of the article (ii) Name of each author with highest academic qualification and signature. (iii) Institutional affiliation of each author (iv) Name and address of author responsible for correspondence. Involvement of co-author should be relevant with the study and self explanatory to the work.

Abstract: The abstract should state the purpose of the study or investigation, basic procedures, results in brief and conclusion.

Tables: Table should be separate from the text of the paper. Table should be simple and numbered in Roman numerical.

Abbreviations: Except for unit of measurement, abbreviations are discouraged. The first time an abbreviation appears it should be preceded by the words for which it stand.

Permissions: Materials taken from other sources must be accompanied by a written statement from both author and publisher giving permission to the journal for reproduction. Obtained permission in writing from at least one author of paper still in press, unpublished data, and personal communication. The manuscript should be accompanied with a certificate that the article has not published or accepted for publication in any other journal. The authors should also certify that the study was conducted by them self and it has not been duplicated from any other sources.

 Drug names:  Generic names should generally be used. When proprietary brands are used in research, include the brand name in parenthesis in the Methods section.

Illustrations: Photographs and photomicrographs should be supplied as glossy black and white prints. Unmounted legend for each illustration should be submitted in separate sheets. All photographs and diagrams should be referred as figures. All should be numbered consecutively in the text in Arabic numerical. For online submission picture should be in JPEG format with higher resolution as far as possible.

Acknowledgment: Only those persons who have made substantial contributions to the article, should be acknowledged.

References: References to literature should be numbered in Arabic numerical in superscript consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text.At the end of the article the full list of references should give the names of all authors followed by the title of the article, the title of the Journal abbreviated according to Index Medicus, the year of Publication, the volume, number within bracket, the first and last page of the article. Title of books should be followed by the edition, vol., place of publication, the publisher, year of publication and relevant pages. Examples of correct forms of references are given bellow-

1. Tarafder Al. Ahmed SA and Sayed QMS, Women Health and Development in Bangladesh. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health 1991; 5(4): 359-63.

2.  Roots I, Drakoulis N, Brockmoller J. Polymorphic enzymes and cancer risk. Concepts, methodology and data Review. In: Kalow, ed. Pharmacogenetics of drug metabolism. 3rd ed. vol-2. New York: Pergamon Press, 1992: 815-36.

3.  World Health Organization. International classification of impairment, disability, and handicap. Geneva: WHO, 1980.

4.  Information Management Group, NHS Management Executive. An information management and technology stratergy for the NHS in England. Facilitating person-based information system, an overview, London: Department of Health, 1993.